Types of Talent Acquisition Strategies

Types of Talent Acquisition Strategies

The right talent can make all the difference for a company, with the right individuals setting you off down the road toward success by boosting productivity, morale, and efficiency. Meanwhile, a mismatch between an individual and the company they work for can turn into a downright disastrous situation in the worst-case scenarios.

A large percentage of business leaders cite talent acquisition as one of their greatest challenges and in a 2021 survey, 69% of companies reported major talent shortages with hiring difficulties topping a 15-year high water mark. Therefore, it is probably no surprise that the savviest business leaders invest a fair amount of time, effort, and money into talent acquisition. But even if you opt to outsource talent acquisition beyond your company’s human resources division, it is essential that you work with a firm that is using a talent acquisition strategy that aligns with your unique needs as an organization. To move forward with confidence, you will want to have a good handle on the different types of talent acquisition strategies and what type of company is best-suited to each one.

Recruitment vs Talent Acquisition Strategies

As you delve into the different types of talent acquisition strategies, it is important to differentiate between talent acquisition and recruiting. The latter involves a focus on filling an existing or impending vacancy in a position.

On the other hand, talent acquisition efforts can involve an existing vacancy or any position that may potentially require talent in the future. The position may not even exist currently, but you can employ talent acquisition efforts to identify solid candidates who may be called upon when you are ready to move ahead.

In sum, talent acquisition efforts tend to be more forward-looking (although you certainly can seek to fill a current vacancy), while recruitment is focused more on a company’s “here and now” staffing needs.

Types of Talent Acquisition Strategies – Refining Company Image

As you dive down the rabbit hole that is talent acquisition, it is prudent to spend a bit of time refining your company image. The world’s perception of your organization matters. It matters a lot, in fact, especially as you are seeking to attract top talent. Consider these tips as you begin the talent acquisition process so you can position your organization in a way that is appealing to potential candidates.

Company Culture – You should have a defined and engaging company culture; one that makes you proud as a business leader. Develop strategies to showcase and reinforce this company culture. Even something as simple as a company field trip can solidify bonds, while also providing fun fodder for team member photographs that can be featured on the company’s website and social media channels. Efforts such as these go a long way toward reinforcing the existing company culture, while simultaneously giving the world a glimpse behind the curtain.

Benefits and Perks – Does your company offer competitive benefits packages and appealing perks to new employees? Evaluate your offerings relative to the industry norms. A good benefits package, hiring bonus, and job perks can go a long way toward attracting top talent and sealing the deal. Once you have offerings that make you proud, promote and showcase them.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity & Community Involvement – Corporate social responsibility, diversity, and engagement within the community are big considerations, both for potential employees and your company’s public image. Showcase your involvement using tools such as social media, the company website, and beyond. And if you find that you are lacking in this area, this may be a great opportunity to roll out new initiatives.

By refining your company’s image, the organization becomes more appealing to candidates. This makes it much easier to attract top talent and it increases the chances that your next rockstar team member will come to you and not the other way around!

Types of Talent Acquisition Strategies – Outreach

Outreach is one of the most common — albeit one of the most time-intensive — talent acquisition strategies to consider. Outreach can take many forms, including the following.

  • Conventions and job fairs
  • Industry gatherings
  • Networking events
  • Seminars and lectures
  • LinkedIn and other social networks

Referrals as a Talent Acquisition Strategy

Many companies are opting to leverage their employees’ professional networks by implementing referral programs. This type of talent acquisition strategy can be quite effective since you often have a trusted employee who can vet the talents of a candidate. What’s more, the current employee would be familiar with your business, its company culture and even the specific position(s) that the referred individual may someday occupy. They can often offer good insights that make it easier to determine if the referral would be a good fit both in terms of soft skills and hard skills.

On the other side of the coin, though, this is more of an indirect staffing strategy and you generally need to wait for the candidates to come to you. But referrals can be a useful component of a larger and broader talent acquisition strategy.

Staffing Services as a Talent Acquisition Strategy

Working with an IT staffing service provider to oversee your talent acquisition efforts can be a very cost-effective option, whether you are seeking staff augmentation, permanent full-time employees or even independent contractors for a short-term project. Staffing firms are generally very adept at sourcing talent quickly and effectively — talent acquisition and recruiting are their specialty, after all.

What’s more, the best staffing firms can ensure a good match in terms of soft skills and hard skills. Staffing experts can also address other more difficult-to-quantify traits, such as matching an individual with a business that has a company culture that fits their personality and work-life balance needs.

At RiseIT™, staffing is our specialty and we work with the best and brightest tech talent, including specialists in some of today’s most in-demand industries. If your company is facing talent acquisition challenges in finding the top tech professionals for your needs, contact the team here at RiseIT™ team. We look forward to finding the perfect staffing solution for your business.