Finding the Right Talent for Your Open IT Systems Administrator Jobs

Finding the Right Talent for Your Open IT Systems Administrator Jobs

An IT systems administrator — plays a very key and central role in the technology landscape of your business. In fact, this is one IT role that is considered mission-critical in most organizations. That places an extra element of burden on those who are tasked with finding the right talent for an open IT systems administrator job.

Hiring an IT systems administrator is a rather complex task because the right individual needs a broad and diverse skill set. An IT systems administrator’s role includes full oversight of an organization’s computer systems, networks, servers, and data storage platforms. They may be involved in everything from the selection, configuration, and implementation of new systems, to the management of existing systems, including general maintenance, software updates, customization, and troubleshooting. With so much on one person’s plate, what traits should you look for as you seek out the right tech talent for your open IT systems administrator jobs? There are many points to consider, to be certain.

Tips for Hiring an IT Systems Administrator: Really Know the Position You’re Hiring For

This sounds simple and straightforward, but a lack of clarity surrounding the exact position is surprisingly commonplace. Any misunderstanding in the nature of the position can prove very problematic at every phase of the hiring process. Consider these questions:

  • Is it a part-time or full-time position?
  • Are you seeking an independent contractor, staff augmentation or a traditional hire?
  • Is it a remote, on-site or hybrid position?
  • Will there be just one IT systems administrator or multiple IT systems administrators working together as a team?
  • In cases of multiple IT systems administrators, what specific tasks and technologies is each individual responsible for overseeing? And what is the exact skill set that you would like to see in your new hire? (Hint: you should seek to fill skill gaps.)

There are several types of IT systems administrators that are commonly sought. You can think of them as specialists who fall under the broader IT systems administrator umbrella. These specialists include the following.

  • Senior systems administrators often take on a supervisor-type of role, leading a team of IT systems administrators and coordinating their efforts to achieve maximum productivity. This role also involves developing and overseeing the execution of plans for various IT improvement projects and upgrades.
  • Network administrators oversee local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN), among others.
  • Security system administrators are tasked with managing an organization’s security measures on all fronts, including networks, enterprise software platforms, data storage systems, computer operating systems and company-owned devices.
  • Windows systems administrators are charged with overseeing Linux and Windows-based operating systems.

Not every IT systems administrator job falls under one of these job descriptions. A smaller business may have just one IT administrator who is more of a generalist instead of a specialist. Whatever the case, it is important that you have a firm grasp on the job description; only then can you find the right talent for your open IT systems administrator jobs.

What Qualifications Should You Look for in an IT systems Administrator Job Candidate?

There is no replacement for the in-depth interview, but early in the hiring process you can screen candidates fairly effectively by reviewing their qualifications. IT systems administrator job postings often include the following as minimum qualifications.

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science with 5+ years of experience or a master’s degree with 3+ years of
  • experience.
  • Server management experience.
  • Active directory experience.
  • Networking experience.
  • Experience working with technologies such as load balancers, firewalls, switches, etc.
  • Well-refined problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Strong communication skills and willingness to collaborate.
  • Strong leadership capabilities.

In cases where you are hiring a specialist IT systems administrator who will be working in tandem with others, you will want to ensure that you seek out an individual who possesses a skill set that will complement their prospective colleagues. Think of it as an opportunity to close those skill gaps that exist within the IT department.

Asking the Right Interview Questions When Finding Talent for an Open IT Systems Administrator Job

Interview questions go a long way toward helping you find the ideal person for the job, regardless of the position you’re hiring for. Each company’s needs are unique, therefore, your interview questions should be custom tailored so they are relevant to the exact position and your company culture.

The best IT systems administrator interview questions are developed with help from an IT specialist — such as your current outgoing IT systems administrator or other knowledgeable members of the tech team. Generally speaking, the questions should surround topics such as:

  • Their technical skills and experience using those skills in a real-world environment;
  • Their experience with selecting and implementing new systems;
  • Their philosophy and approach to problem-solving;
  • Their comfort level and experience working with project management software and other collaboration platforms; and
  • Their approach to training and instructing staff on the adoption of new software and systems.

When crafting interview questions for an IT systems administrator position, it is prudent to pose the inquiry in a way that prompts the candidate to call upon their past experiences. How did they solve a particular problem in the past? The answer will provide some good insight into how this person may approach future challenges.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask hypothetical questions that require a bit of on-the-spot analysis and problem-solving. This will give you a good feel for how well the individual thinks on their feet. These hypothetical questions and scenarios also create a bit of stress, which is good for the sake of seeing how they react when the temperature is turned up. After all, you want to be confident that your new IT systems administrator won’t buckle under pressure when a mission-critical technology crashes. If they start to sweat at the prospect of a simple interview question, they may melt into a puddle when confronted with a high-tech problem that carries the potential for costly downtime.

Using Staffing Experts to Find the Right IT Administrator for Your Business

The struggle is real for many organizations that seek to staff open IT systems administrator jobs. Even many larger companies lack the resources and knowledge required to effectively screen and identify tech talent that will meet their needs and thrive within their organization. But that is our specialty here at RiseIT™, where we work with the best and brightest tech talent, including IT administrators. Contact the RiseIT™ team to discuss your staffing requirements and we’ll find the perfect solution for your company’s tech needs.