The Latest Talent Acquisition Challenges

The Latest Talent Acquisition Challenges

It’s a well-known fact that the right talent can make all the difference for an organization, both from an operational and a strategic standpoint. But actually finding those perfect professionals is far easier said than done.

The reality is this: the talent acquisition process is rife with potential pitfalls that can snarl operations and harm morale company-wide. It is no surprise that many are intimidated by the prospect of setting out to find and hire the right talent for a position.

Talent acquisition challenges abound, and there are many obstacles that must be overcome.

A Lack of Understanding About the Position You’re Hiring For

There is often a problematic disconnect between the perceived and actual duties/responsibilities for a position. The individuals who are overseeing talent acquisition frequently lack an accurate idea of what an individual actually does in a specific role.

This disconnect is highly problematic because it means the position is misrepresented to the candidates. An individual may come on board with expectations that differ dramatically from reality, leading to hires that leave the job before they have even completed all of their HR paperwork. Those who stay may struggle to succeed in the position.

To find a good match between the talent and your needs as an organization, the individuals involved in the talent acquisition process must work with representatives from the division in question to develop an accurate job description. This will also lead to a firm understanding of what skills and talents to seek out during the talent acquisition process.

Challenges Surrounding Knowing Where to Look for the Right Talent

With a proliferation of job hunter apps, social media groups, and job hunting websites, how do you know where to look for the perfect professional? To add complexity to the equation, each app, group, and website attracts a unique demographic. This affects the quality of talent. You may find that one app attracts consistently under-qualified applicants, while another outlet may have dozens of great candidates.

In today’s post-COVID world, we are also seeing the return of convention, conferences, and other in-person events that present a good opportunity for talent acquisition. The two-year absence of these events has had a dramatic impact on talent acquisition,

Diversity and Inclusion Challenges

Today’s business world is more focused than ever before on diversity and inclusion, with many organizations forming diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) strategies in an attempt to attract and retain talent. These traits are ones that job hunters have really come to expect. A 2021 report found that 78% of professionals wanted to work for a business that prioritized diversity and inclusion.

This emphasis on DEI is actually rooted in many tangible benefits that can improve productivity and lead to a happier, healthier workforce. But actually creating a diverse team of employees with a culture of acceptance and inclusion is a complex undertaking. In fact, diversity and inclusion can form a rather dramatic minefield in the talent acquisition landscape.

During the talent acquisition process, you are tasked with finding talent that will add to your company’s diversity. But you also need to avoid a scenario where you hire a slightly lesser candidate who improves diversity and bypass a more qualified individual who won’t bring much diversity to the table. As with all aspects of the talent acquisition process, balance is essential and diversity should be just one element that is considered.

There are a host of potential legal and ethical issues involved here. As such, some companies opt to invest in training to ensure that all rules are followed during the hiring process. The complexities prompt other businesses to seek out help from a talent acquisition professional who is well-versed on diversity and inclusion as it relates to the hiring process.

Talent Acquisition Challenges Surrounding Cost

Talent acquisition costs can rapidly get out of hand and when paired with other issues that result in poor staff retention, you could find your business is hemorrhaging money. This is especially true today in the post-pandemic world where loads of job seekers are tossing their name in the hat as they seek out better opportunities. To stop the bleed, you must understand what is driving sky-high talent acquisition costs.

The most common problem that drives up talent acquisition costs: an inefficient hiring process. This inefficiency can take many forms, including the following.

  • A hiring team that lacks a complete understanding of the position in question.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete job descriptions.
  • Asking the wrong questions during the interview process.
  • An inability to effectively evaluate the answers provided during the interview process.
  • Looking for talent in the wrong places.

These challenges may lead to a situation where you hire the wrong person for the position. The candidate may stay with the company for a very short period of time. This means you lose all of the time and money that was invested during the hiring process and training phase. These come-and-go team members can really harm morale amongst your workforce too. That poor morale really cuts into productivity and your bottom line.

Addressing all of the issues that increase cost and interfere with the talent acquisition process can be difficult and time-consuming. And when all is said and done, you still may not find the ideal candidate for a position on your first or even second try. That is the nature of talent acquisition and it is a big part of why many organizations turn to the professionals for help.

Hiring a Talent Acquisition Professional to Find the Right Person for the Job

Turning to a talent acquisition service provider is often the most effective way to overcome today’s talent acquisition challenges. This can be far easier than overhauling your internal processes and hiring strategy. Plus, it usually just makes sense to hire an expert who can quickly and efficiently find the perfect person for the position; someone who has the perfect blend of soft skills and technical skills.

Of course, you still need to find the right staffing services provider to oversee the talent acquisition process. At RiseIT™, we work with the best and brightest tech talent, including specialists in some of today’s most in-demand niches like cloud technology. If you are encountering talent acquisition challenges as you seek out the right tech professionals for your business, we invite you to contact the RiseIT™ team. We look forward to discussing your staffing requirements; then, we will get to work finding the perfect staffing solution for your company’s needs.