Top Talent Acquisition Solutions for the Current Labor Shortage

Top Talent Acquisition Solutions for the Current Labor Shortage

The COVID pandemic transformed the business world, creating a labor shortage that continues to impact companies and organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Talent acquisition was challenging before the current labor shortage; today, finding top talent is a daunting task for many companies. But there are a number of talent acquisition solutions that can be effective in helping you to overcome the hurdles in your search for top professionals.

Hiring from Within as a Top Talent Acquisition Solution

Looking within your company to find tech talent and other professionals can be a very effective staffing strategy during a labor shortage. This strategy can work because certain positions are more challenging to fill. In many instances, you can find the perfect fit for a difficult-to-staff position by hiring from within. If the individual’s prior role is easier to fill, this places you at an advantage. While you still need to hire someone, that hiring process will be easier, providing a strategic advantage.

In some cases, you may find that you can go for a period of time with a position left vacant until the perfect candidate comes along. Another option to consider is revamping some of your existing positions to pick up the slack. If you have a talented team with a diverse skill set, it may be possible to develop new job descriptions so that all of your bases are covered. This may constitute a promotion, calling for a raise in most instances, but this can be a workable solution if your staff is amenable to the changes.

Staff Augmentation and Hiring Interim Professionals as a Talent Acquisition Solution

Interim professionals are commonly sought out to fill skill gaps as part of a staff augmentation strategy. But this approach can also be useful during the current labor shortage. If you are unable to find a suitable candidate who is available to fill a permanent position, a temporary staffer can serve as a great stopgap solution. This staffing strategy allows you to meet your needs as a business while buying you more time to find the ideal candidate for the position.

What’s more, you could find that the interim hire is actually a very good fit both in terms of soft skills and hard skills. A staffing decision that may not look great on paper can sometimes reveal a great match between the talent and the company. Therefore, be open to the possibility that a short-term hire could potentially convert into a wonderfully productive long-term employee.

Staff augmentation can be very effective as an overall staffing strategy because it allows you to fill skill gaps as they arise. This is especially advantageous for companies that have shifting and evolving operational needs. With a solid staff augmentation strategy, you can call in top talent to augment your existing team members when the need arises and when needs change, you are free to part ways. This can serve as a cost-effective and practical alternative to traditional hiring practices.

Making Your Company More Attractive During the Talent Acquisition Process

In the current labor shortage, top talent has the advantage because they are free to choose the company that offers the best benefits, perks, and bonuses. An increasing number of candidates are also considering other factors, such as company culture, social responsibility, diversity, community involvement, and so forth. Needless to say, the current labor shortage has prompted companies to up the ante as they compete for the best of the best.

As you set off down the path to hire top talent, you must consider how your company appears to outsiders. You may have an incredible company culture with lots of diversity, great corporate responsibility programs, a nurturing day care program, and a killer benefits package. But those outside your company walls may have no clue that this is the case, so you must make an effort to showcase all that your company does to improve life for its team members, the surrounding community, and the world as a whole. Remember to focus on offerings or attributes that candidates tend to value most, such as flexibility in working hours, on-site day care offerings or the ability to work remotely.

Showcase the best that your business has to offer in your hiring documents, website, social channels, and beyond. In some cases, an organization may find that its offerings are less-than-competitive, making this an ideal time to reconsider the benefits, perks, and bonuses that are offered to employees.

The current labor shortage also serves as a great opportunity to build your brand and refine your company’s image.

Hiring a Firm to Oversee Talent Acquisition Solutions for the Current Labor Shortage

Many organizations are ill-equipped to oversee the talent acquisition process, especially one that is so competitive. The current talent shortage has transformed the hiring landscape into a hyper-competitive environment where it is difficult to succeed. Instead of expending much-needed resources on talent acquisition efforts, you may find that it is a much better strategy to call in the pros.

An IT staffing firm that specializes in IT talent acquisition will have the skills and strategies that are required to succeed in even the most competitive job market. In addition to helping you find the perfect person for the job, a staffing expert can also advise you on what you can do as an organization to make your company more appealing to the right kind of talent. This makes it one of the best talent acquisition solutions for companies trying to find tech talent.

Tech talent has risen to the top as one of the most in-demand and difficult-to-hire niches. This is, in large part, due to the increased reliance on technology — a trend that has emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people have used technology to bridge the gaps that have formed due to social distancing.

But that is where we can assist because at RiseIT™, staffing is our specialty. We are proud to work with some of the best and brightest tech talent, including specialists in some of today’s most in-demand industries. If you are seeking top talent acquisition solutions for the current labor shortage, turn to the experts here at RiseIT™. Reach out today; we look forward to developing a customized talent acquisition solution to meet your needs.