Pivot.City is a Triple Helix Network powered by the Innovator’s Journey Business Method & Distributed Ledger Technology to catalyze innovation ecosystems in a Web 3.0 environment. The Triple Helix thesis distilled down is that innovation and economic development are optimized with the combination of elements from university, industry, and government to apply knowledge and marketplace.

Case Study

Company Name
Human Capital LLC

Business Type
Developer of Triple Helix Networks



Build a platform that solves the “Last Mile Problem” for innovation ecosystems, which is decentralized support. The support layer is comprised of several, often disparate channels of communication. The platform needs to provide a clear and immutable record of progress and adherence to prescribed processes, allowing a participant to execute, demonstrate and prove accuracy, completeness and most importantly, success.


Working withRiseIT® Distributed Ledger and blockchain solutions teams, Pivot.City has developed a disruptive communications platform. The purely cloud-based infrastructure houses a multi-node, consortium-based private blockchain powered by Hyperledger. A smart contract residing on the network facilitates, validates, and provides proof of key interactions amongst participants. Removing the friction of complex and what was previously fragmented interactions, the platform achieves an ecosystem rich in the fundamentals that make it as practical as it is unique and forward-thinking. A compelling feature is minimizing the need for an NDA in the early stages of peer-to-peer ideation, made possible by the immutability of the record of communications contained on the system.


The platform is currently being evaluated in several pilot programs in municipalities nationwide. With a wealth of applicable use-cases, untapped markets are being discovered continuously with plans for rapid expansion.

Blockchain development, visually represented by illustration of connected blocks.

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