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Server load balancing software plays a key role in the optimal performance of web applications while also creating a positive user experience. RiseIT® Central Dispatch is an advanced server load balancing software solution that eases the management of application and server infrastructure for system and network administrators. One of the main features that separates RiseIT®’s Central Dispatch is that it utilizes highly advanced technology to make routing decisions based on actual statistics from the server and network infrastructure. Ultimately, this improves the user experience by providing higher application availability while also lowering costs for businesses.

Intelligent Server Load Balancer

RiseIT®’ Active Intelligence technology uses lightweight distributed software agents to collect detailed information, such as network latency, memory utilization, and CPU load. All of this detailed information determines the ideal path for data flow to maximize efficiency. This advanced server load balancing approach results in dependable and predictable performance for all applications.

Load Balancer Benefits

Bringing in our Central Dispatch server load balancer for to help distribute the load across your servers can have a number of advantages. Here are just a few key benefits it can provide:

One of the main benefits of our software’s innovative technology is that it supports all applications. This technology is equally effective for both on premise deployments and complex data center environments that include a diverse mix of applications. Ultimately, you can save a lot of time and money by choosing to use a Central Dispatch server load balancer for all of your network and infrastructure needs in the workplace.
Another advantage of using a Central Dispatch server load balancer is that it is extremely scalable. Whether you need to bring on additional servers to meet peaks in user demands, or reduce servers due to low demand, this technology makes it simple to scale up or down to meet the needs of your business. You can make these changes at any time, as the needs of your business are constantly evolving. You also have the added flexibility of deploying the system into existing infrastructures while keeping downtime to a minimum.
Through its access to real-time server and network health data, our server load balancer is able to provide more accurate information on your application’s availability and responsiveness. You can use this information to achieve better performance and higher availability.
IT staff members have the ability to dynamically add or remove resources without disrupting services to ensure that the network always remains available. This gives them the ability to seamlessly reduce the number of servers in order perform maintenance, or seamlessly bring on additional servers if one is failing or a demand peak is being experienced.
Cybercriminals continue to look at new ways to target businesses small or large with a wide range of cyber-attacks. DDoS and application attacks can significantly disrupt your business operations and lead to many hours of downtime. However, a Central Dispatch server load balancer gives you additional protection against these malicious attacks to ensure that sites remain accessible and always available.

Advanced Load Balancer for Your Servers

A RiseIT® Central Dispatch server load balancer plays a key role in optimizing network and application performance. This innovative technology offers many benefits, such as support for any application, increase scalability, better performance, and greater cybersecurity protection. Utilizing this advanced technology also greatly improves efficiency in the workplace and can help your employees remain productive at all times. Contact RiseIT® at any time to learn more about the many benefits of this innovative technology!

Lifting Your Server Load
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The growth of your business is our number one priority here at RiseIT®. By utilizing our load balancing solutions, you gain control over the performance of your company and protect mission-critical information. As you grow, our solutions will scale with you. We are here to help you thrive.