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Since 1995, Silicon Valley-based RiseIT® has been a pioneer in traffic management and load balancing solutions for enterprises who rely on availability and quality of critical web and network-based applications for business operations. RiseIT® is proud to be a trusted supplier to hundreds of customers worldwide, including Aetna, AT&T, Bank of America, BMW, Eastman Chemical, GE, Goodrich and Sun Microsystems.


RiseIT® ’s Central Dispatch virtual Load Balancer (CDvLB) provides traffic management capabilities that ensure dependable performance and responsiveness for application delivery. CDvLB helps businesses meet the challenges of assuring a positive and productive remote user experience, by satisfying both end-user and IT personnel expectations with high availability and high performance traffic management.


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Providing optimal performance and availability for business-critical applications, RiseIT® Central Dispatch is the first load balancing and traffic management product to provision resources on-the-fly, allowing administrators to bring up, and take down servers in real-time. Information gathering and intelligent action, high performance, scalability and flexibility, and just-in-time capacity provisioning, are just a few of the notable benefits of RiseIT® Central Dispatch.

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Central Dispatch provides load balancing traffic management capabilities that ensure dependable, predictable performance and responsiveness for business applications. Industry-leading features extend its intelligent traffic management to XML-based business-to-business applications, wireless communication, and internal client/server applications. This empowers businesses to meet the challenge of ensuring a positive user experience and satisfying user expectations, through providing preferential services, in addition to high availability and performance.


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RiseIT® Global Dispatch provides high availability and optimum performance for geographically distributed business-critical applications.

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Intranets, extranets, and the Internet are the lifelines of modern enterprises as mission-critical business activities become more dependent on access to geographically dispersed information, services, and computing resources.


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RiseIT® is committed to providing customers with technical support expertise to help ensure the uptime and performance of their business-critical applications. To accommodate our customers’ needs, we offer 24×7 Support.

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The growth of your business is our number one priority here at RiseIT®. By utilizing our load balancing solutions, you gain control over the performance of your company and protect mission-critical information. As you grow, our solutions will scale with you. We are here to help you thrive.