Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud server load balancing plays an essential role in distributing traffic across your computing resources located in multiple regions for optimal performance. Cloud load balancing allows you to meet the needs of each user by maximizing network uptime, improving reliability, and reducing latency.RiseIT®’s global load balancers provide superior support for cloud environments.

Cloud Load Balancing by RiseIT®

RiseIT®’s Global Dispatch gathers data on the health and availability of each of your servers. When a client request comes in, the request is routed based on proximity and responsiveness. Since Global Dispatch can be layered onto existing RiseIT® or third-party local load balancers, it’s simple to deploy. You can ensure high availability of your cloud-based applications for your customers or employees no matter where they’re located.

Benefits of Cloud Load Balancing

Here are a few of the main ways that cloud load balancing can impact your business in today’s digital workplace.

A cloud load balancer uses autoscaling to make it simple to meet the ever-changing demands of your business. Autoscaling doesn’t require pre-warming, as you can quickly scale from zero to full throttle in only a few seconds. Your business can easily handle large amounts of network traffic across other regions in the world by using autoscaling.
Cloud load balancing also includes support for the most up to date application delivery protocols. Access to the latest technology allows you to give customers a much more responsive application and a faster session setup for the best user experience available.
Cloud logging records all of the load balancing requests to help you analyze user traffic. You can view these request logs at any time and export them to BigQuery, Cloud Storage, or Pub/Sub for in-depth analysis.
SSL offload allows you to centrally manage decryption and SSL certificates. You can easily enable encryption between backends and the load balancing layer for the highest level of IT security. High fidelity health checks are also available to ensure that new connections only use healthy backends.
Cloud load balancing also provides advanced support features, such as WebSockets, IPv6 global load balancing, protocol forwarding, and user-defined request headers. All of these features make it easy to provide the best user experience available.
A cloud load balancer is simple to use without requiring a special configuration. You also do not need additional software for the load-balanced nodes. Cloud load balancers aren’t tied to a specific server, which makes it simple to load balance across numerous cloud resources.
Cloud server load balancing plays a key role in delivering optimal performance and reliability at a much lower cost compared to hardware-based solutions. Access to the cloud makes these services affordable for small businesses. These services are also ideal for load balancing web servers and applications in the cloud. Ultimately, these services make it possible for businesses to experience the many benefits of a cloud load balancer without the high costs of investing in hardware.

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RiseIT® is a load balancing software company that focuses on providing cloud load balancing solutions for a wide range of businesses. These services are a cost-effective investment that offers unmatched scalability while always being reliable to produce the best results. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about the numerous benefits of cloud server load balancing!

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