T-Mobile chose to consolidate and modernize its data centers. With hundreds of applications and diverse systems to migrate, this initiative required technical expertise in moving existing applications from legacy hardware to a virtual environment. One of the many business-critical applications T-Mobile relies on is its Siebel PRM system that supports approximately 400 employees in marketing, finance, and sales.

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The engineering/IT Ops staff was confronted with workflow and load balancing errors when moving the Siebel PRM system from P to V machines located at another data center. T-Mobile has legacy hardware load balancers to manage user traffic going to their servers. Testing with these load balancers revealed unexpected challenges and provided no integration with the PRM system.


Extensive testing and troubleshooting revealed that the Siebel PRM application had incompatibility issues in migrating to a virtual environment. Resonate helped identify technical issues, and through a POC, determined that the PRM software had defects and configuration errors that needed to be corrected.



Resonate support organization enabled T-Mobile to accomplish their data center consolidation goals and have the Siebel PRM system protected and guaranteed by Resonate’s Central Dispatch load balancer within the virtual environment. T-Mobile was able to successfully accomplish its data center consolidation goals with the Siebel PRM system, and have the application and the Resonate load balancers running together on the virtual servers. Rather than investing months to reverse engineer the Siebel system, T-Mobile had Oracle/Siebel make some code changes, and the company re-configured settings based on Resonate’s recommendations. Resonate helped the company save time and money on the technical side while allowing the company to save additional costs by moving out of the old data center sooner than anticipated.

T-Mobile is now able to support their distributed workforce throughout the country while consolidating their data center operations. With help from Resonate, the company has future-proofed its data center infrastructure to support their business-critical Siebel application without impacting its workforce.

“Resonate’s support personnel had expertise with the system, as well as vast knowledge having worked with other companies to migrate applications from hardware-based servers to virtual machine environments. Having this experience certainly helped us avoid many obstacles that saved both time and money.”

– Aleli Manalili, Project Manager at T-Mobile

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