SaaS is the software delivery model of the future. As more businesses leverage this unique service to their advantage, more SaaS development companies rush into the space to fill the demand. As a new SaaS startup or an existing company taking on a new project, you have many factors to consider. These factors include marketing, budgeting, and even your team’s structure.

However, at the core of your business, and the key to success itself, is the viability of your product. At RiseIT®, we provide complete SaaS consulting services to evaluate product viability for businesses in a range of industries.


At RiseIT®, we have decades of SaaS consulting experience working with clients to develop and roll out custom SaaS solutions. We have built on this foundation to achieve a broader scope. This allows us to provide complete evaluations of SaaS projects based on both market-based and product-based criteria.

Our unique background is what enables us to see the big picture. We can tell you the areas where production could get bogged down or go over budget. Our goal at RiseIT® is to ensure that your project will remain on track and profitable.


Here is a brief overview of the SaaS consulting services we provide:

Security is essential in today’s business environment. At RiseIT®, we stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry, to ensure your product will stay a step ahead of cyber threats. Your model’s security will have a direct impact on its operability, and in turn will have an effect, for better or worse, on the reputation of your company.
Companies are always looking at new ways to grow and improve the bottom line of their business. At RiseIT®, we evaluate your product on market-based criteria such as potential demand and competition, as well as product-based criteria such as seasonality, lifespan, price point, and profit margin. After our evaluation, we’re able to tell you if you can profit, and if you can scale. Our goal is to help your company reach higher levels of success in today’s competitive market.
Reliable SaaS products ensure that users remain satisfied and employees can remain productive. RiseIT® specializes in evaluating data integrity and delivery for optimal performance. We conduct thorough stress analyses to ensure that your SaaS product is always reliable and downtime will be kept to a minimum.
RiseIT® understands the importance of keeping your entire application operating at a high level to help your business grow and better meet the needs of your customers. With distributed load balancing and performance optimization, we can maximize availability.


By turning to RiseIT® as your SaaS consultant, you benefit from our years of experience. Your company will be able to avoid development pitfalls that can eat into profits. We also take the guesswork out of if your project will be a success. At launch, your SaaS product will be fully operable, secure, and also turn a profit.


Whether your company is just starting a new SaaS project, or you have a project underway that is getting off track, think of RiseIT®. We’re a leading IT services company in the San Jose area. Our goal is always to provide best-in-class service and superior customer support. To learn more about how our SaaS consulting services can benefit your company, contact us today.

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